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Evaluations since October 2017


This post is separately in Finnish and in English. I think it would be easier at this way because the text is long. Both of posts contain the same things and pictures. The pictures have been taken during October 2017 - July 2018. Finnish: Julkaisen tämän postauksen erikseen suomeksi ja englanniksi, sillä muuten tästä olisi tullut niin pitkä postaus. Molemmissa julkaisuissa on samat kuvat ja teksti sisällöltään sama. 
Postauksen kuvat on otettu lokakuu 2017 - heinäkuu 2018 välillä. Tässä linkki suomenkieliseen postaukseen!

Abbreviations of results:

BOB = best of breed

BOS = best of opposite sex
CAC/CC = certificate (Jenny is already Finnish Champion, so she can't receive Finnish CAC anymore)
RES-CAC, RCAC = reserve certificate
CACIB = international sertificate
RES-CACIB, RCACIB = reserve international sertificate
NORDIC CAC = nordic sertificate
NORDIC RES-CAC, NORDIC RCAC = reserve nordic sertificate

EXC = excellent, the best in the quality rating

CQ = sertificate of quality
CH1 = the first of the champion class, CH2 = the second of the champion class, and so on
BB1 = the best bitch, BB2 = the second best bitch, and so on

Abbreviations of dog shows:

INT = international all breed dog show

NAT = national all breed dog show
NORDIC = nordic sertificate dog show
GROUP = group dog show
CLUB = special dog show

Here are Jenny's evaluations since October 2017

The end of the year 2017

Judge: Maria Luisa Marchese, Italy

INT 14.10 - 3 years, nice head and good angulations. Ears well carried, could be set a bit higher. Good topline. Good tail carriage & set. Sufficiently coupled, in complex well balanced. Moves with sufficient drive & good reach. Results: EXC, CH3

Judge: Amadeo Bottero, Italy

INT 15.10 - 3 years. Feminine & typical. Solid head color. Well-set and carried ears. Good expression. Sufficient neck. Good angulations. Compact construction. Good coat. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB2, CACIB

Judge: Asta Maria Gudbersdottir, Iceland

INT 8.12 - Good size and proportions. Elegant feminin head. Ears well placed, heavily fringed could not be more to her carry them correct. Excellent neck, topline & tailset. Good angulations front & rear. Moves well. A bit soft coat. Results: EXC

Judge: Svein Helgesen, Norge

INT 9.12 - Excellent type & balance. Very good head. Feminine expression. Excellent neck & topline. Compact body. Little flat tailset. Well angulations. Could have better coat structure. Free and stable on moves. Results: EXC

Judge: Bo Skalin, Sweden

INT 10.12 - Very nice bitch. Beautiful head. Well expressed. Correct eyes. Good size. Good tail. Very well-bodied. Stands well on their paws. Should be a little less undercoat and more fur. Wonderful breed type. Results: EXC, CH2, CQ, BB4, RCACIB


Judge: Anca Giura, Romania

INT 31.3 - Not too big, but with the right substance. Feminine. Correct bite. Typical movement of the ears covered with fringes. Strong topline. Good ribcage. Well set tail. Impressive coat and movement. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB1, CACIB, BOS

Judge: Juha Putkonen, Finland

NORDIC 5.5 - In a fabulous muscle. Good head carriage. Excellent proportions and bones. Beautifully feature head. Well set, well-frustrated ears. Dark eyes. Good bite. Well developed chest and forechest. Balanced angulations. Flat tail. The right coat quality. Moves with a excellent length of stride. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB1, NORDIC CAC, BOS

Judge: Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania

INT 6.5 - Very nice overall picture. Typical expression. Beautiful head. Excellent eyes & ears. Very nice topline. Good mover. Correct coat. Good handling. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB1, CACIB, BOB

Judge: Boris Spoljaric, Croatian

NORDIC 20.5 - Almost 4 years old. Good bite. Excellent type. Lovely head. Dark eyes. Excellent neck. Body lovely. Good reach & drive. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB2, NORDIC RCAC

Judge: Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden

NAT 27.5 - Fine, feminine head. Excellent muzzle. Well shaped dark eyes. Well placed ears, good size and exquisite ear fringes. Tight neck. Good back and pelvis. Flat tail. Well developed body. Good proportions. 
Fitted foot. Well shaped paws. Good angulations and moves well. Thick, silky coat. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB1, BOS

Judge: Anne Sume, Estonian

GROUP 9.6 - Excellent type. Feminine. Good proportions. Feminine head. Beautiful expression. Good bite. Good ear fringes. Beautiful topline & tailset. Very well angulated. Beautiful coat. Moves well. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB2

Judge: Sylvie Desserne, France

CLUB 30.6 - Tip top condition. Beautiful body. Very pretty face. Lovely ears. Excellent short body. Excellent angulations. Excellent neck & coat texture. Only fault in tail carriage, but accepted because beautiful overall. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB2

Judge: Marja Kosonen, Finland

NAT 7.7 - An excellent champion bitch. Very beautiful head. Well placed, right shaped ears. Beautiful dark eyes. Good bite. Very beautiful ear fringes. Right strength of body. Right bones. Good paws. Excellent coat quality. Moves with a light sidestep. Excellent temperament. Results: EXC, CH1, CQ, BB1, BOB

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